Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Reflection Project

My project I did was chess boxing. I did the facts on docs first then did a Google Slide on it. What I liked most about my project is the part where I get to present with all the cool transitions in my slides. The hardest part of my project is getting the facts because, every website I went to, there weren't any facts about chess boxing. It helped me learn because I learned to take my time and think like a brain storm. I would do my slide more specifically and have more entertainment. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Inventing Reflection

Plus: I really liked building my invention and presenting my invention. The name of my invention is the "AntiHelioThermo". I named it like that because we were talking about the Great Barrier Reef.  Anti means against, helio means sun, and thermo means heat. How my invention works is there is a tube that sucks all of the water that is too hot out of the reef. Then there is a tube that spits out the cold water so the animals can live. 

Minus: I made a mistake. I never brought my materials. I had to use Mrs. Hektoen's. I will try to be more responsible next time.

Interesting: What I thought was interesting about global warming is that it can make a lot of heat. What I learned about me is that I love to invent.
My invention helps the Great Barrier Reef because it helps cool down the water.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Coding Reflection

What I really like about coding is putting the code together and learn how to do really hard code. What I learned about code is a repeat and have an algorithm [list] of the code. 
What I could of improved is not always asking for help when I can't complete the code. I can ask for help when I tried the code at least three times and can't get it complete. 
What I learned about myself is I am really into technology. I loved working on coding at home which I should do more often.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Project Reflection

My project is about what makes galaxies beautiful. Galaxies are important because we don't recognize the shape and sometimes don't know what the galaxy is. I am doing best at finding facts. I like making the glog best. I am ready to practice to present.

Friday, October 9, 2015

If I Ran the School

I want to learn about these ten things. 

  • Math games and Puzzlers
  • Calculators and Computers
  • The stars and planets
  • Dinosaurs and fossils
  • Monsters and Mysteries
  • Outer Space, Astronauts, and Rockets
  • Electricity, Light, and Energy
  • Machines and Engines
  • Families
  • Holidays
  • Explorers
  • Travel and Transportation
I love computers because it is easier to write by typing instead of by hand. You can also play games or do surveys. I like to do 1st in Math. I like it because there is games you can play to earn stickers. I have over 2,000 stickers! I am in 1st place!