Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

In GOAL we got to choose what topic to research about. I chose clowns. The reason I chose this is because I've always wanted to know where clowns came from and what the history behind them is. I thought this topic was pretty cool once I found some facts. It was very interesting too. Anyway, I hope you like it!!!!!


Monday, January 8, 2018

One Word Project



This year to make 2018 better then 2017 my one word is friendliness. I will work on being friendly to everyone this year as much as I can. That way everyone I meet will be nice to me as well. When I show my friendliness to others they will most likely want to be my friend and spread it to others to share. Last year I don't think I was very friendly. So this year I am going to do better. My one word will also help others, including myself, to live happy, safe, fun lives. I think friendliness will help me and others make it far in life because without friends I wouldn't have been as cooperative with others as much as independent. Imagine you are a person who just moved into town. You won't have any friends because you're new right? Wrong. There is always someone who wants to be your friend immediately.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Reflection Project

My project I did was chess boxing. I did the facts on docs first then did a Google Slide on it. What I liked most about my project is the part where I get to present with all the cool transitions in my slides. The hardest part of my project is getting the facts because, every website I went to, there weren't any facts about chess boxing. It helped me learn because I learned to take my time and think like a brain storm. I would do my slide more specifically and have more entertainment. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Inventing Reflection

Plus: I really liked building my invention and presenting my invention. The name of my invention is the "AntiHelioThermo". I named it like that because we were talking about the Great Barrier Reef.  Anti means against, helio means sun, and thermo means heat. How my invention works is there is a tube that sucks all of the water that is too hot out of the reef. Then there is a tube that spits out the cold water so the animals can live. 

Minus: I made a mistake. I never brought my materials. I had to use Mrs. Hektoen's. I will try to be more responsible next time.

Interesting: What I thought was interesting about global warming is that it can make a lot of heat. What I learned about me is that I love to invent.
My invention helps the Great Barrier Reef because it helps cool down the water.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Coding Reflection

What I really like about coding is putting the code together and learn how to do really hard code. What I learned about code is a repeat and have an algorithm [list] of the code. 
What I could of improved is not always asking for help when I can't complete the code. I can ask for help when I tried the code at least three times and can't get it complete. 
What I learned about myself is I am really into technology. I loved working on coding at home which I should do more often.