Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Reflection Project

My project I did was chess boxing. I did the facts on docs first then did a Google Slide on it. What I liked most about my project is the part where I get to present with all the cool transitions in my slides. The hardest part of my project is getting the facts because, every website I went to, there weren't any facts about chess boxing. It helped me learn because I learned to take my time and think like a brain storm. I would do my slide more specifically and have more entertainment. 


  1. I really thought that your presentation was amazing. Chess Boxing is dangerous, but fun. If you tried it, do you think you would like or hate it?

    1. I think I would probably like it, but I wouldn't try it.

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  3. I really like the sport Chess Boxing and do you think you would try it sometime?

  4. Before you showed me Chess Boxing, I never knew what it was. Now I really think that is a really cool sport!!

  5. Sky,I think this sport is awesome like your slides,I like how they get brakes from punching each other